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8th School of Cardiac Diagnostics

12th - 15th June 2024, Bled, Slovenia

Educating the mind
without educating the heart
is no education at all.

Welcome to the School of Cardiac Diagnostics!

Our mission at the Cardiac Diagnostics School is to promote modern cardiac diagnostic techniques, integrating cutting-edge cardiac imaging into the daily assessment of patients with known or suspected cardiovascular diseases. We aim to equip healthcare professionals with the skills to effectively use cardiac imaging as an integral part of clinical diagnosis and post-therapy evaluation for cardiovascular ailments.

In today's rapidly advancing medical landscape, there remains a gap in the practical application of modern medical technology, particularly in harnessing advanced cardiac imaging tools within the context of contemporary healthcare. Creating efficient workflows within medical institutions and enhancing collaboration with medical and scientific experts, including sub-specialists, hinges on a profound grasp of technology, the clinical relevance of diverse methods, and understanding the underlying clinical issues.

Our approach to education involves informative lectures delivered by experienced physicians and educators from both European and non-European regions, with ample room for open discussions. To stay current with technological advancements, some lectures are provided by scientific representatives from leading medical companies.

Additionally, our "Reading with the Experts" sessions offer participants a unique insight into how renowned experts analyze cases they have never encountered before. Lastly, there are ample opportunities for in-depth discussions on various topics during lunch and dinner with our speakers and fellow participants. Join us to be at the forefront of cardiac diagnostics education and innovation!


The registration fee is 800€ (plus VAT) and 500€ (plus VAT) for residents. The fee does not include accommodation but it does include lectures, lunches, dinners and coffee breaks.

The maximum number of participants is 30.

Book your stay in Bled directly following this link (special price for participants): Rikli Balance Hotel****+


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School of Cardiac Diagnostics — Home page