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7th School of Cardiac Diagnostics

7th - 10th June 2023, Bled, Slovenia

Educating the mind
without educating the heart
is no education at all.

Welcome to the School of Cardiac Diagnostics!

The goal of this School is to promote modern cardiac diagnostics, using cardiac imaging methods as an integrated part of daily evaluation of patients with known or suspected cardio-vascular diseases. We would like to familiarize physicians involved in and interested in cardio-vascular disease how to perform and how to leverage cardiac imaging as a fully integrated part of the clinical diagnostics and post-therapeutic work-up of cardiovascular disease.

We believe there is still a lack of experience in the use of modern medical technology, especially in the use of advanced cardiac imaging technologies and their integration in a modern clinical system. Establishing an effective workflow in medical organizations and improving collaboration with various medical and scientific specialists and sub specialists - both are possible only by deep understanding of technology, clinical utility of the various methods as well as understanding the clinical questions.

Our vision of teaching is by lectures presented by experienced physicians and teachers from European and Non-European countries with extensive discussions. To keep up with the technological progress some of the lectures are given by scientific representatives of various medical companies. Also, the session titled “Reading with the Experts” grants the participants an insight into the mind-flow of renowned experts when they interpret cases they haven’t seen before. Finally, there are possibilities for extensive discussions of all questions of interests with the lecturers and other participants during lunches and dinners.


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School of Cardiac Diagnostics — Home page